Another journey….. one step at a time…….

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  • mike neokorides

    Hullo. Thanks for the email. I now have the answer. Awesome stuff. Enjoy the journey be Blessed lol Mike

  • mike neokorides

    Hullo please if possible even if its pebble place a small stone for me. The Guy upstairs knows why. So please ” just do it”. May your trip be as spiritual for you and girls. For big brother who is ill may with Gods hand be healed.Walk tall walk straight and for each footstep is a step closer to your inner selves. Good wishes and may The Force be with you love and light Mike

    • lovethecamino

      Hello Mike o dear one, I only got your message after I had been to the cross, however I burnt a candle for you in the cathedral at O´Cebreiro, a special energy exists up in those mountains which makes it more special. I will send you pics soonest. Love and light Me

      • mike neokorides

        Hullo. Thank you for the lighted candle. May it also shine in your life. Be blessed to be a blessing. Enjoy the journey with the girls. They have a very special mom. Love me

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