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“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.”

…………..and my journey commences in 33 days, one step at a time…………….

EL CAMINO from Roncevalles to Saintiago and who knows maybe even Finisterra depending on time. 790 km on foot over 33 days ………, yes I can do this!!  Armed with nothing just my back pack, walking sticks and dear friend (Shereez) and many many many thoughts flashing through my mind we will take our first steps on the morning of 20 June 2012!!

El Camino also known as “The way of St. James” has won the recognition of the United Nations and been given World Heritage status on account of its historical and spiritual significance. The camino ability to transform and elevate human consciousness remains undiminished over the centuries.  Countless millions have walked this path in search of a deeper meaning to their lives.  This is my time to join the thirsty band of pilgrims along this ancient path of enquiry!!  I will trust the universe to guide us (Shereez and myself) through the stunning beauty of the landscape through which the Camino winds its way to the fabled city of Saintiago and maybe on to Finisterre, the “End of the World”!!


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  • Yolanda

    So very exciting. Sure you gonna have tons of experiences and stories to share.

    • sparkalot

      Hello friendling – we shall meet at MOFAM after my adventure with all our other friends to share the video / photos / war scars (bwahaha) and stories!!!

  • shereez

    I am so excited to start this incredible journey with you x

    • sparkalot

      Shereez the traveller – i am more excited – see you the 14th June!! xxx

  • Candice

    Good luck – I know this has been something you have always wanted to do and really proud that you have taken the ‘step’ to achieving your goal. Enjoy every moment and I will look forward to seeing regular updates about your adventure….and when you think it is getting tough, just think of these wise words to pull you through…SUCK IT UP!

    • sparkalot

      Hello my friend in Dubai – ……. I will suck it up – …….and boy do those words bring back fond memories!! I hope to keep you entertained while I walk what they term as MY CAMINO – a good laugh here and there while my body aches with pain and I just suck it up!!!

  • anja botma

    I am so proud of u! I can still remember maybe 5 to 7 years ago you already mentioned you wanted to do this!!! Well done and strongs!

    • sparkalot

      Hello Anja – yes, it was 7 years ago and now finally ‘just doing it’!!!!

  • Kim Jones

    Awesome- this is going to be wonderful to follow you along the way…you can do it!

    • sparkalot

      Hi Kim – I just have to do it no turning back now, knowing that my dear friends are right behind me is what is making this easier to conquer – xxx

  • Mike

    Well done Sparksie you beauty. TONS of love and light Mike

  • Heila

    Oh man, it is going to be so fantastic! Cannot wait for you to start and hear how it is going! Lots of love! Xxx

    • sparkalot

      I am looking forward to FANTASTIC and hopefully will have access to the internet to keep the blog going

  • Mike

    Who travels for love finds a thousand miles no longer than one. Love on

    • sparkalot

      Mike – you are special and if there is one persons wisdom I look forward to while walking it is yours!!! xx

  • Mike

    The winners in lifes game are not those that have never failed but those you have failed again and again but who never gave up….Winners benefit from each setback and see it as a step to achieving their goal. Walk tall Michelle rooting for you. L&L Mike N

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