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After yesterday’s gruelling 40km walk we decided to split the suggested 32.5km by Brierley into two days.  We walked from Alvaiazere to Ansiao, +-17km with no bar/ café’s open along the route.  The pathways with a bit of up and down through forested valleys interspersed with olive groves and small crop fields.  BEAUTIFUL!  Loads of arrows to direct you safely to Ansiao.

I photographed every yellow arrow from Alvaiazere to Ansiao – hopefully below will give you an idea of how stunning “the way” was today.

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  • Fiona Waddell

    Your blog was pasted on to me via via….what a marvellous way to wake up this morning to see your fabulous adventures. I want to do the camino next year….

    • Sparkalot

      Hi Fiona, I have loads to blog still and all in time it will get posted, glad it has inspired you to take on this epic journey. xx

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