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Ansiao to Rabacal

A great nights rest, apologies cannot remember the hotels name.  Sharon is keeping a list of all the hotels and contact details and I will post a special section with all the hotel / hostel info.

After breakfast we headed for the yellow arrows in the rain,  the day I decide to walk in sandals it rains!!!  My blisters get too irritated in my shoes, maybe not the best idea but I decided wet socks better than irritating the blisters (7 x blisters).  Blisters are just not getting a chance to heal properly but it is what it is!!

We climbed out of Ansiao which gained us 100 metres in altitude. We passed the first of many pine trees that had been tapped for their sap.  It was a quiet country track and the villages looked slightly more modern.  Beautiful pine and eucalyptus forests and olive groves.

By the time we got to Netos we were drenched and the rain continued all the way to the following village where we stopped for a cappuccino and a quick snack.  Socks were so socked I did not even bother to wring them out as the rain was still pounding down.

Finally the sun peaked out from behind the heavy clouds and we rested up in Alvorge where the cafe owner was only too pleased to show us all the South African comments made in his guest book.  We added to the well wishes / comments as it was a great rest stop where toasted sandwiches were on offer and enjoyed.  We met Chris and Maria taking a rest here as well.  Must admit the journey has been most quiet with pilgrims thus far, clearly the route from Lisbon to Porto is not well supported however I have been led to believe that from Porto onwards it is crazy busy with pilgrims walking.

Pic below is the cathedral in Alvorge.

cathedral in Alvorge

Rabacal seemed to take forever to get to.  I did not see Alan all day, he was on his own mission in the rain today, could not have been pleasant as Alan does not have a rain jacket.

Rabacal is known for its cheese.  It is a very high fat content cheese (50-60%) and is made from sheep’s or goat’s milk. This cheese exists in various sizes but never weighs more than 1 kg.  It could be eaten soft or semi-hard.  Must admit the few pieces I tried were yummy.

I saw so many old lavadero today.  I have passed several in the last few days and some of them are still in use.   It is a community clothes washing place, which has a creek feeding over stone washboards so you can wash your clothes.  You often see the women out washing the linen / clothes in some of more rural villages.

We met Cody from Japan – walking his 5th camino, he just finished the Del Norte and is now walking the Portuguese Way.  A total of 50 odd days of walking already.  Cody is a freelance photographer taking photos of the two camino’s.   We also met  a couple from France who are walking from Santiago to Fatima (following the blue arrows).  I would like to research this Camino as well as I think walking from one amazing catherdral in Santiago to another in Fatima would be another epic experience.  I did not know that this Camino even existed.  Blue arrows might become a reality rather than the yellow one’s for the next journey.

Derek is still with us and walking around in his four grey takkies with a steering wheel, he went to Porto for the day while we sweating it out on the Camino (well today not much sweat with all the rain).

We are in an albergue for the night, it is the only accommodation in town.  Derek got into town some time before we did and made new best friends by using google translate.  He enjoyed a conversation with the locals in the bar the entire town frequents.  When we got in we got a free round of  coca cola and beers, the Portuguese are super friendly and so giving.  It was Dereks´s last night with us so we went BIG at the one restuarant that was open for dinner.  Great laughs and fun with Maria and Chris, Cody, the trio and of course the fluent speaking porra Derek Moore.

Ansiao to Rabacal with friends


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    Thank you for that, I am about to upload 3 more days of walking on the Portuguese Way, enjoy, regards Michelle

  • Sparkalot

    Thanks for the lovely comment. Sadly my phone with all my pics of this amazing journey was stolen. 4000 plus pics just gone and still feel most gutted about it. I have a few pics that I posted to FB that I need to copy over to the blog and will do this as soon as time allows. Enjoy the reading I will post more posts this week.

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    Thanks for the heads up, will get it checked out my end!

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