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Great nights rest after a hectic walk yesterday.  Highly recommend Hotel San Luis, yummy chocolate croissant for breakfast, fresh orange juice and 2 cups of cafe con leche all included in price of E17.50 real value for money.  Hotel also offered great views over the river.  Great start to the day, well so we thought.  The owners of the hotel directed us to the yellow arrows apparently just behind the hotel which saved us a walk back to Arcade (other side of the river), but we could not find the arrows.  Walking in circles a car comes dashing towards us, to guide us to the camino, WHAT, are you serious.  Someone must have seen we were lost and we assume phoned someone to come tell us where to go, once again I am blown away by the friendliness and helpfulness of the Portuguese people.  This guy drove up to us, explained where to go, turned around and drove off.  Totally impressed.  We found our way and started the up up up up towards Pontevedra.


Alan and Koren were like machines this morning and I was still clearly feeling the exhaustion from yesterdays walk, took it slow, in fact very slow.   At the top of “Alto da Canicouva” was this young gentleman playing his guitar in the forest, selling cool drinks and water.  What a welcome after the steep climb.  This dude was coining it from the pilgrims as well, he was well positioned and adding a vibey atmosphere with his music everyone stopped to support him.  Koren and Alan had got into the groove parking off waiting for me, we stuck around for a while before we started the decent and last 10 km’s for the day.  A fanta has never tasted so good, thanks to this dude (see below)!  He was sold out by 10h00 that morning, we managed to get the last of his ice-cold cool drinks.  He and some beers left in the cooler box!!

IMG_3893 IMG_3894

Another rough descent into Pontevedra.  Sharon and Janine were in Pontevedra by the time we got there and we managed to book into the same hotel, treated ourselves a bit, slightly over budget but deserved after two days back to back tough walks.  We managed to sort sim cards out and it was great being in touch with the world again.

I enjoyed Pontevedra, busy buzzing town and it seemed like every local was out enjoying the great weather as the town was packed.  Plenty kids playing, laughing, kicking a ball etc. great to experience the liveliness of a town for a change.  The cathedral was smack bang in the centre of all the buzz.

IMG_3898 IMG_3899

We settled for Burger King for dinner as we were a little over budget with accommodation.  Eating out in the bigger towns is not cheap! Drinking neither!!  to top it I wasted a few pennies on buying the wrong knee guard.  I had to get one as my knee was taking strain after the fall a few days again.  The first knee guard which was the cheaper option was not doing the trick so went back to the pharmacy in the hop of swapping it for the other one and pay the difference.  Eish, was not possible as I had removed the price tag from the knee guard, landed up buying the other one in any case so worked out to be a damn expensive knee guard.  However knee is feeling a little more stable with the guard on it!!  E75 for a knee guard no joke at current exchange rate.

Pleasant evening roaming around Pontevedra and now counting the days to Santiago, 3 days and we should be in Santiago if all goes according to plan.  Sharon and Janine have opted for a rest day tomorrow,  Alan, Koren and I are walking to Caldas de Reis.

On we walk, one step at a time enjoying as many cafe con leche’s as I possible can along the way…….


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