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…another shocker to the system – BEDBUGS galore!!  I am not sure my system can handle another “blow” – unisex showers, cold water, standing in a queue for a shower, bedbugs – what next….

Copy / pasted from a recent update on the EL CAMINO chat site

I am in Santiago right now, having just completed the Camino Frances from Pamplona. I stayed in a combination of albergues and hostels, pensiones, hotels. There has been, over this past month, constant talk among pilgrims about bedbug encounters. People have been hospitalized with allergic reactions, need for steroids, etc. Some have called it quits and gone home. Every group of pilgrims I met has either been bitten or knows someone who has been bitten. For the victims, and I am included among their numbers, the situation can be demoralizing.

Copy / paste – complete

Eish – so bedbugs ARE a part of being a pilgrim on the camino!!!  Not sure I like this!!!!  I shall be taking extra precautions and will double up on the dose of anti-bug spray!  Apparently this has become a significant problem.

Let´s get to the more exciting stuff – PACKING – oh my hat what a mission to get all of the below

My limited supplies for 7 weeks

into this 35 litre back pack!!


Mission accomplished – finally.

The advice given on all the websites is to stick to a 35 or 40 litre backpack with a bladder and to keep the weight under 10kg!  I wonder what these people were smoking – I have had to toss out 40% of what I was planning to take and trust me it is only what I need or what I think I need at this point!!

My final list of items packed include:-

  • 3lt bladder – fitted in backpack
  • walking sticks x 2
  • light weight / quick dry towel
  • light weight sleeping bag
  • blow up pillow
  • silk inner for sleeping bag
  • fitted sheet
  • anti bug liner
  • back pack poncho for rainy areas
  • slip slops for evenings and showering
  • 1 t-shirt to sleep in
  • 2 pairs of pants (one short / one long)
  • 2 shirts (one t-shirt / one shirt)
  • underwear x 3
  • 3 pairs of socks
  • 3 pairs of inner socks
  • sarong
  • light windbreaker doubles up as rain jacket
  • buff
  • hat
  • SA flag
  • gifts from SA – beaded bracelets
  • toiletries
  • compeed plasters galore
  • nail kit
  • medical – with all the necessary pain killers / anti biotic (just in case) / sleeping tablets / hayfever tablets / panando
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