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Anyone ever heard of Blurb. Well – Mr Siddall (Johnny Walker, Peregrino or just ol John) introduced me to Blurb early 2013. I have ever since been trying to finish two books, i.e. my first Camino in 2012 and then the second Camino in 2013 with the girls. I have started my third (so typical of me – a dam good starter but not necessarily the greatest finisher). Anyhow I am determined to keep this one updated along the way. Where I am going to find the time to walk +- 25km a day plus blog, plus FB updates, plus blurb, plus chillax, plus explore, plus meditate, plus meet new people, …..eish!!! One step at a time………

I am looking for a title for my book and asking for your input ….

  • Sparking the Portuguese Camino
  • Camino Sparks
  • 750km that led to my Spark
  • The Spark in my step
  • A Sparkling lesson in every mile
  • My soles caused a Spark
  • Putting the Spark in my sole
  • Sparking the next steps
  • Journey beyond my shoes
  • Me, Myself and Sparks on the Camino
  • The Portuguese Camino and I
  • 750km’s walked in Sparks Shoes
  • Sparks 750km journey, one step at a time….

PS:- Oh for those that don’t know (readers from all over the world) – my name is Michelle Sparks therefore the use of “Sparks”

It will have the most beautiful photos of my adventure with a short crisp schweet touch on the experience of each day while on the Portuguese Way.

Your thoughts, recommendations are most welcome!

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