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When I decided to walk the Portuguese Way, my mental preparation had begun +- 7 months before I left South Africa, even though my body (physical fitness) never got prepped for the journey which by the way has been bigger than anticipated in so many ways.  Anyhow I looked most forward to a few weeks of where I had nothing to do but wake up and put my walking shoes on and walk.  Only two days left now, till Santiago, so I decided to take today and reflect on the last 20 odd days of walking across Portugal and the north-west of Spain.  I realised once again that everyone has their own story / reasons for walking to Santiago.  This time round I am still not sure what my story is or reasons are…..

One thing for sure is that my mind is peaceful and how wonderful it feels to not to have the buzz and the noise of work pressures, the day-to-day responsibilities singing loudly in my head.

There has been many a days on this journey that I complained or whined, … blisters, my aching feet, my exhausted body, my grazed knees, my sore finger, my back pack, my sweaty smelly big tent of a rain jacket, lack of sleep, lack of salad and vegetables, cramped muscles, getting lost, no shade, asphalt roads, lack of arrows, …….. but you realise there really is no use, just suck it up and get on with the journey…..

You push on and it eventually makes sense to NOT sweat the small stuff as the experience is what matters, the beauty, the simplistic life, the scenery, the silence, the peace, the stories, the birds singing, the history of these amazing little villages, the new friends, the old friends with you, the journey, THIS IS WHAT MATTERS!!

One forgets how one looks cause no one really cares.  Wether you have make up on or not, smart clothes or not is no longer relevant, as your inner beauty and soul shine and one exudes joy and radiates “light”, THIS IS WHAT MATTERS!!

The walk from Caldas de Reis was split between woodland pathways and quiet country roads.  The easiest walk ever, OR WAS I JUST IN A GOOD SPACE TODAY, which allowed for the mind to flow with wonderful thoughts.  Short walk and most enjoyable and getting used to either crossing a bridge on entry to a town or crossing a bridge to exit a town……

Buen Camino, tomorrow is our last day on the Portuguese Way, Santiago here we come…….


What’s next, will it be Finnesterre or not?? I will decide once I get to Santiago for now, just living in the moment!

Excited!! Eeeeep!


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