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The trio left Coimbra at 07h00 and weather was overcast and cold-ish.   We did not leave Coimbra on the Camino route through the old city via the Cathedral as we had toured this part of Coimbra yesterday.  We knew where the arrows were so left the hotel and walked along the Mondego River out of Coimbra.

85% of our days walk was on asphalt which as shared before is taxing on the feet.  15% was on pathways however very muddy due to the constant drizzle and heavy rain showers over the last two to three days.

The walk through the forest was once again very beautiful with huge ferns covering the ground to both the left and right of the pathway.  A field of small white daisies added some colour to the day.

Just before the end of the forest, Sharon and I were deep in thought enjoying the peace and an old man with an axe in his hand suddenly just appeared in front of us.  We nearly shat ourselves and Alan was nowhere near, he was ahead by at least 4 or 5 kilometers.  My heart rate went from zero to hero within seconds and Sharon’s pace doubled.  It was truly scary and the thoughts that run through ones mind is even more scary.  We picked up the pace however the old man with his axe seemed to be on our heels for some unknown reason.  We finally reached a village and took cover in a coffee shop where there was a horror film on the TV.  OMG!!, how pathetic two adults can be become – however, I am sure the exhaustion has a role to play in all of this. (Scary Movie 4 does not have a patch on us)!!

We rested for a good hour before we tackled the last stretch to Mealhada.   Part of the last few kilometers is on the busy highway with these 40 ton trucks speeding by on both sides of the road.  Very dangerous and most tiring with the concentration required to be safe.

Oh and just by the way Sharon is meant to be blogging with me but is in zzzzzz land snoring loud and clear.  Gotta love best friends.

Staying in a stunning hotel tonight, Oasis Residencial,  double room with en suite is 35 euros and single is 20 euros.  The hotel is at the end of the town +- 20 meters off the Camino track.  Roy the owner speaks English and loves the Peregrino’s visiting his hotel.   Roy was telling Alan that this hotel used to be the family home and after his dad passed he renovated and extended the home to what it is today.  TV in the rooms, restaurant, spotless as well as modern.  Highly recommend this hotel.

All three of us are so exhausted after our 34 kilometers today that we have not gone out for dinner just ate some leftover snacks from the days walk and off to bed early tonight.


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