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I have spent more money on compeed  the last 8 days than food

I have spent more money on compeed the last 8 days than food

Stocking up on our daily need for Compeed

Stocking up on our daily need for Compeed

Hmmmm – well the Albergue we spent the night in wasn’t toooooo bad in the end, we all had a fairly good nights sleep.  Refreshed and energized I left early (alone) in the hope of not having to walk in the heat of the day.   The rest of the group decided to take it slow and sleep in a bit. 20120628_094650 - Version 2 The route today took us through Castildelgado, Viloria de la Rioja, Villamayor del Rio, Belorado, Tosantos, Villambistia, and Espinosa del Camino. The towns seemed a little closer together today as we travelled down mostly farm roads between fields. Stopped  in Villafranca for the night and eish, the showers in the municipal albergue are frigid, and there are no toilet seats (yeah…I have no explanation for this one…but you try a power squat after walking 28 km´s).  The Albergue is by donativo, meaning by donation only.  What is so very interesting is that the hospitaleiro is a volunteer and gives of his time for no reward and the only way the upkeep of the Albergue can be maintained is through decent donations.  No wonder there are no toilet seats and terrible showers.  It is somewhat of a catch 22 situation.  If it’s bad, nobody gives money OR gives small donations and without decent donations they can’t better the facility (i.e. buy toilet seats!).  Let’s hope our donations will help towards buying one toilet seat! Second day in a row of no washing machines – so have had to suck it up and do washing by hand. I left ahead of the others this morning and Jess and Debbie caught up with me at an amazing Albergue just before Belorada, swimming pool, lounges, TV room and even though basic – it looked luxurious in comparison to what we have been staying in.  The three of us enjoyed a cup of coffee (I am loving Spanish coffee) and some or other yummy sponge cake. We continued walking together until we arrived in Villafranca – so many laughs and lovely chats enjoyed with Jess and Debbie today!! Update on feet – I bumped into an Italian guy today who seemed most worried about my blisters when he saw me resting my feet.  He said my blisters are not healing and I should be very careful as the blisters could easily get infected.   He took the time to explain (broken English) what I needed to do.  So schweet of him and so caring – I mean I don’t even know this chap yet he took the time and showed he cared – the wonders of the Camino! On I walk blisters and all ……. The rash on my legs looking better! (thx goodness – I am sure people must think the rash is bed bug bites – eeeep)!! 20120630_062241 20120630_062248 - Version 2 20120630_062256

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