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What a day! And by that, I mean what a LONG day!  We walked 37  km´s today in order to get to Burgos.  Was it worth it?  Oh yes it was!!!  We are in a big city to watch the Eurocup final between Spain and Italy.  The energy is amazeballs and it is only 17h00.  The Albergue is 500 metres from the plaza where a big screen TV will be screening the game.  The plaza has started to fill up already and the game is only at 20h30.  AMAZEBALLS, but it was madness walking the 37 km´s!!!  We only did this knowing we are taking a rest day tomorrow.

The plaza at 17h30

Plaza at 20h30

I have met some amazing people on this journey and reuniting with a lot of them in the plaza tonight watching the final eurocup game was GREAT.  The energy amongst all was so awesome and the vibe un-describable.

It was so cold this morning when we left Villafranca that we walked with our jackets on.  Who would have thought it would get cold, come on this is summer in Spain and we have had a heat wave for the last few days – however the cool weather most welcome after the crazy heat!

20120701_082548 20120701_082602 - Version 2

We stopped in St Juan de Ortega and embraced a quiet moment in the cathedral.  Lighting a candle touched me somewhat and that moment I dedicated to my dear friend in Australia, Maria, whom was planning to walk the Camino with me but unfortunately the timing did not sync.  xxx (hugs) Maria and even though you are not here in person, you are in spirit and energy.  I miss you like crazy friend!

For you Maria


20120701_092759 - Version 2 20120701_094108

The walk through the forest today was beautiful and it was good to see  Tim finally got to pitch his tent and camp for the night.   He had been carrying it for 11 days already!  I would have tossed it after day 1.  Four empty bottles of wine next to the tent – fuel to keep warm as it must have been icy cold last night with the cold weather we have today!


Coffee stop for the morning – cozy and warm with some great Camino friends in St Juan de Ortega – a much needed coffee stop – icy cold weather!  It is so cold my ears were burning.

20120701_095854 20120701_100628 20120701_104506

Ages – lovely little village, Jess, Debbie, Iggy and Kristan decided to stay for the night. Shereez and I hooked up with Tim, Declan and Sonja as they too wanted to see the football game.


In Ages

Getting my mind ready for another 22 km today

In our rush to get to Burgos – we skipped going to this heritage site – +- 1 km off route.  The caves of the Sierra de Atapuerca contain a rich fossil record of the earliest human beings in Europe, from nearly one million years ago and extending up to the Common Era. They represent an exceptional reserve of data, the scientific study of which provides priceless information about the appearance and the way of life of these remote human ancestors.


The terrain got so bad it slowed us down – I started doubting my ability to get to Burgos.  My feet were in so much pain, every step caused a tear.  I lagged behind and started humming with the birds to try kill the doubt in my mind and focus on the end result – football – Burgos – party – days rest!!

20120701_135741 - Version 2 20120701_140028

Painted on a driveway – how special, the signs that give you hope and inspire one to walk on no matter how painful!


A rest stop – and these are my feet……..


The last 9 km’s into Burgos through the industrial area was a no go for us!!  You had to be kidding me – 9km of industrial buildings – enough to make a monkey bite its mother!

Thanks Tim, Sonja and Declan for walking with Shereez and I to Burgos, having you by our sides helped us conquer the 37 km´s today – great laughs and oh boy blisters burning like crazy!!

The Albergue in Burgos is huge and has great facilities.  We were lucky to still get a bed as we got in so late.  I love this place and look forward to some site seeing tomorrow and resting my feet.

Tonight we party!! Tomorrow we rest – and then on we shall walk……

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  • Richard Lurie

    Go Sparks go Mich we are all so proud of you. Unbelievable walk on walk on

    • sparkalot

      Hello Richard, thanks, I am almost finished, 7 days to go and if you see me with my walking sticks in Sandton just embrace as they are so part of me after 650 km´s.

  • Mike

    Hullo. Thanks for the blogg. Sorry to hear the boggs where so bad. Must be amazing to have been in spain at euro time. stiil cant get over that was 2 weeks ago already. you must be near the end by now or what? How many days left . I hope you dont get gippo’ s and have similar loos. You must be very proud of yourself as we all are of you and Shereez. Pray the blisters heal. Dont let em get septic. Try garlic keeps unwanted bugs etc away! Lots of love Mike N

    • sparkalot

      Hey Mike, 7 days to go……

  • Elrisha

    37km’s??!!! I probably have to go club every night for a week wearing 9 inch pencil heals to feel 30% of your pain. Nee jine Michelle ek sali kani. I hope u had a shot of something strong to make u forget about the blisters and aches an pain. I tip my hat to you!

  • Vanita Hecker

    Thanks for all the updates…amazing journey, sorry the feet are still a problem,keep strong and may every day the walk get better, what stunning places you have seen & what awesome memories…….walk on!

  • Rob Nell

    Loving the energy of your story Sparks! Keep it up girl, and keep us all updated! You are doing what many only dream of! I battle to walk to my car never mind 37km lol….. Yeah, and u mention a washing machine??????? Indeed how spoilt are we really???? Take care of you…….. Looking forward to the next update! Look after those feet…….at least best way u can!

    • sparkalot

      Hi Rob, will have time again in the next two days to load some more, what a pity I can´t load photo´s.

  • Warren

    HI Mickey,
    Sounds like you’re enjoying the experience in spite of your troubles (aching feet etc)……..stay positive, strong and just live the moment!

    • sparkalot

      Hello War, all good and I am enjoying the experience tremendously. Sad it will all soon be over, 7 days to go till the end.

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