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Viva Espana – last nights Eurocup final, Spain against Italy was amazeballs.  We enjoyed a yummy dinner with Marcus and Sarah, then joined the crowd on the plaza for Espana Fun!!

Vuvuzela in Burgos - Spain - who would have thought, nogal in the colours of the SA flag

Vuvuzela in Burgos – Spain – who would have thought, nogal in the colours of the SA flag

After 37 km´s yesterday and wandering around the city center today observing the Spanish people, I am still feeling somewhat exhausted.  Thank goodness we took a rest day as my feet were literally swollen to the size of blown up balloons this morning.

First on the plan for the day was Cafe con leche with Marc and Tim.  Two awesome guys we have befriended.  Interesting chats swapped over plenty of coffee and some Spanish pastries.

Marc from Sweden

We went on the Choo Choo train – covering the entire city of Burgos while we were resting our feet on the seats.  Sjoe, don´t tell anyone :O).


Burgos has about 180,000 inhabitants in the actual city and another 20,000 in the surroundings.  Here are so many historic landmarks, of particular importance –  the Cathedral of Burgos (declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1984),  On the city tour I was surprised at the large number of churches, palaces and other buildings that remain from the medieval age.  The city is surrounded by the most beautiful and tranquil parks with ¨manicured¨trees¨.

Cathedral - unbelievably ostentatious but magnificently beautiful

Manicured trees in the most beautiful park

We had to find another Albergue for the evening as you are only allowed one night in the municipal Albergues.  In fact to our horror when we eventually found another albergue we were not allowed to spend the night.  You get one albergue per town/village and that is it by the sounds of it.  This was a private albergue so did not quite understand the issue.  Shereez put on her acting mask, telling the most sweetest chap ever about how sore our feet were and how sick she was feeling, really buttered the guy up with her “story” and thankfully we were allocated a bed for the night.  The Albergue only had 16 beds and was on top of a church.  The owner was the most friendliest chap ever and played guitar and sang to us that evening, creating a bit of a fun vibe.  Very special!!

20120702_125924 20120702_125934 - Version 2 20120702_153958

While paging through the comments book in the Albergue I found a message written by Gerry, (a friend of mine that is 3 days ahead of us on the Camino)!  Gerry and I have been in contact most days and he has been laying the bread crumbs for us, advising on where to stay, what route to take and what not to do!!

Here is Gerry’s note:-


Our American clan, Debbie, Jessica, Kristin and Iggy met up with us in the afternoon, even though it was only one day that we were apart it felt special to be re-united with them on the Camino.  It was also great seeing Magda (from Limpopo) who had achieved her goal by walking to Burgos.  Magda was smiling from ear to ear and ready to embark on her trip home.  Married for 31 years she was ready for life with her family again.  (Magda you are a very special soul and I loved getting to know you on the Camino).

Overall a GREAT rest day spent exploring Burgos and catching up with friends.

Tomorrow, ¨walkies¨again…….

Oh – and just by the way I met my knight is shinning armour today!!

20120702_114311 - Version 2

Here are some more pics of Burgos:-

20120702_111510 20120702_113845 20120701_202022 - Version 2

20120702_114543 - Version 2

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  • Jane Al Saman

    Thank you for all your news and making it something I want to do oneday – Jane xxx

    • sparkalot

      Hi Jane, I am so happy to hear that you would like to embark on this journey. It has been amazing, walking day 25 already and trying to catch up with the blogging, internet has been limited. Just over a 100km´s to go, can´t believe it and already feeling a great sense of achievement. xx

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