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We left the private Albergue early (05:30) to start our 21km walk to Hornillos.  It was so funny, Shereez could not get the door of the Albergue open.  She had been trying for a few minutes and eventually gave up saying “oh well we will just have to wait for the hospitelero to open the door¨! I thought – no ways am I sticking around for an hour and tried to open the door – ooops, one turn of the handle and the door opened.  We laughed from our belly for about an hour!  Can something so simple cause so much laughter?  YES, for sure on the Camino “simple” is very funny!!

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We left early to get as much walking done as possible in the morning cool air.  The meseta is know to be ¨hard¨ in a different kind of way, it is a lot flatter and the walk today was dominated by mostly flat landscape with fields of hay.  The hay has  been baled into these HUGE, well organized stacks. You can see the hay stacks from miles and miles away. There were some small rolling hills, nothing really outstanding or difficult. There was one neat part where the roadway I walked along actually went through the middle of the ruins of the Convent of San Anton, which was used from the 12th to 18th centuries. Only a few walls and arches still remain, including arches over the road.

So today we left behind the built up environment of Burgos and entered the wilderness of the sublime meseta which will take us about 7 days to walk through.

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Spain is a REALLY green country! And I’m not talking about plant life. I’m talking about caring about the earth / environment and preventing global climate change. I’ve seen several wind farms, with enormous wind turbines to generate electricity. Every town / small village, has noticable recycling dumpsters that people put their household waste into, even the trashcans on lightpoles in the parks are divided into several receptacles: paper products, glass, compostable, and other rubbish. It’s awesome to see that as a country, they are taking initiative to prevent the impact on the earth and it’s climate.

Anyhow back to Hornillos.  The Albergue sadly is not in good shape, but one has to take the good with the bad.  I am sure a few beers will help us get through the night.

20120703_104024 - Version 2 20120703_124643

On I walk……..

Update on feet – sandals are working a whole lot better for both of us and our blisters are at least healing.  We are still using a lot of compeed (very expensive plaster for blisters) to cushion the blisters during the day as well as to protect other parts of the foot.  Our feet still ache and our soles are in need of reflexology x 10 sessions.

Rash on my legs – looks like bad bed bug bites – but it is not, just a rash and it ain’t getting any better.


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