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We left Hornillos at 07h00 –  today is our second day of entering the ¨heart¨of the lonely meseta.  The only intrusion on one´s peace are the sounds of nature.  Another crazy hot day though!

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Stopped in Hontanas for coffee and I enjoyed a waffle and chocolate sauce that tasted a bit like old bread.  It filled a hungry hole and we left full of smiles as conversation with Debbi and Jess were most entertaining as always.  Hector joined us for a short while and we missed Marc our Swiss comrade whom we were meant to meet for breakfast, guess the sleep in was the reason.

On entering the village Castrojeriz are the ruins of General Hospital or St Anton San Antonio Abad.  The albergue has no electricity and is totally dependent on the donations from the pilgrims.

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Arriving in Castrojeriz was a slight shocker to the system as there is absolutely nothing in a fairly bigger than normal village.  The Albergue we wanted to stay in was full – our first encounter of OH SHYTE what now, fortunately or maybe unfortunately there was another municipal Albergue around the corner but OMG what a dump.  We agreed that we would not shower or wash clothes for the first time on this journey as we were too scared we would pick up some sort of germ.  The place is horribly dirty and old and this is our second night of ¨not so good Albergues¨ in a row.  We are drowning our sorrows over a few San Miguel’s in a shit hole of a bar.

Below pic — Debbie having a dry shower (bwahaha) – Shereez cracked up laughing and I am just smiling my way through a really “kak” situation!!


We combined a late lunch with an early dinner, pizza and chocolate brownies in the one and only hotel.   A diva of a meal for a few hungry pisst off pilgrims.  Our Chicago friends (Jess and Debbie) entertained us once again and we laughed more than what we ate which helped calm the nerves and shocker albergue on the camino thus far.

Tomorrow we have a steep climb out of Castrojeriz and then a fairly easy journey further into the meseta and onto Fromista.  On I shall walk holding my head high and embracing my dirty and sticky body!!

On I walk…..

Some more pics of the days walk!

20120704_084112 20120704_090734 - Version 2 20120704_090609 20120704_090603 20120704_090555 20120704_090550 - Version 2 20120704_090539 20120704_090525 - Version 2 20120704_090521 20120704_090517 - Version 2 20120704_085039 20120704_0849462

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