Day 15 – Castrojeriz to Fromista — 26 km

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An exhausting day both mentally and physically – my body continues to ache so badly and my feet are beyond any form of being normal again.  So many questions today and so many unanswered – feeling mentally drained…..
  • Why did I decide to deprive myself of comforts for a few weeks and endure this ordeal?  (I mean really – I could have gone to some exotic island and chilled for the same amount of time)
  • What burden is it that I carry that I hope will be lifted during this time? (Whatever it is it is just getting heavier)
  • Is there a part of my life I hope to change, to leave behind me? (so confused)
  • Is there a new part of myself I hope to discover?
  • What commitments will I make after this walk?
  • What important person(s) from my life will I keep closest to my heart as I continue to walk?
  • How will this pilgrimage help me in my larger purpose of this life?
Right now – this moment, this minute I need wisdom and guidance?

If I had this clarity before I embarked on the walk  I am sure I would not be questioning all of the above.  With all said there is a sense of deeper meaning each step of the way.  It continues to be an amazing experience and I will continue to look for clarity in my quest. The climb out of Castrojeriz was hectic and something snapped inside, I suppose it was good as the questioning is not necessarily a bad thing. On I walk……. 20120705_075538 - Version 2 20120705_075003

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  • alan stock

    Hi michelle, the answer to the above will only be known in the years to come , the point of this walk is that you have pushed yourself, further than you thought possible. Enjoy the rest of the walk. By the way, with your bloggs many friends have walk the camino every step of the way with you. Keep well.

    • sparkalot

      Hi Alan, happy to hear the blog is giving you a ¨real¨ perspective of the Camino as the pain and toughness is not portrayed in the movie. See you soon to share all the stories I have not blogged about. Love to Maisie and Fee.

  • Mike

    Negative or positive- one of these two can make you or break you, depending on your choice. And we know what you have chosen. WELL DONE SO FAR. Walk tall lol Mike N

  • Maya Rose

    Thanks for this sharing… Currently in Fromista on my 2nd Camino with blisters and shin pain and finally the realisation that I do not need to persisto make life difficult! Phew, what a relief! Today I enjoy the markets here and tomorrow I take the train to Santander for a 4day break. Clarity! Buen Camino 🙂 Maya

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