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Yesterday 80% of our walk was on natural paths, today that plummeted to about 40%.  Even though only a 21 km flat walk it took us ages.  We are  in a part of Spain called the Meseta Central – high plains full of fertile (despite being rocky) fields. Unfortunately, when walking, this means it’s boring! I do welcome the lack of incline as uphill is very tiring and downhill can be slow and hard on the knees. But the lack of scenery is getting annoying. It is beautiful in some odd kind of way but seeing the same scenery from start to finish after all the beauty of the last few days is just not on!   I see the same field for an entire 5 kilometers! I welcome a change in landscape, but I will admit that the meseta is offering me an incredible time to think.

Clearly we are to go straight

Clearly we are to go straight

Part of the reason I came on this trip was to become closer to ¨me¨. What I’ve realized by walking through so much and varied land and by reflecting on my life, is that we think we know ourselves but in fact we don´t know who we are, where we are going (meant to go)!!! (yes, I am generalising)!!  When we take the time to find out who we are, we might just surprise ourselves!!.  I don’t expect everyone to agree with me but it´s just a little observation and realization I´ve made about ¨me¨so far on this journey!

Anyhow the evening was interesting as we stayed in a monastery run by nuns.  It was spotless and adjacent to the cathedral.  We were asked to attend the mass as well as the pilgrims blessing which was an interesting experience.  The entire mass service was in Spanish and the pilgrims blessing both in Spanish and in English especially for the pilgrims!

Mass in Carrion

Mass in Carrion

Kristen - receiving pilgrims blessing

Kristen – receiving pilgrims blessing

We were also kindly requested to join a dinner, whereby we had to contribute something to eat and the nuns provided something to eat.  All the pilgrims staying in the monastery feasted on so much food, amazing how much more we get when we share.  I was most impressed with what the nuns cooked with all the contributions AND when we offered to help with the washing up they all politely told us to go rest, we have a long day of walking ahead of us.  I was truly blown away with the kindness and care of the nuns.  They had a sing a long for all in the albergue as well as gave everyone an opportunity to introduce themselves.  Shereezś introduction was loud, clear and very short –  my name is Shereez and I am from South Africa, I am walking the Camino because I love travelling!!  I suppose after all the beer she drank today that is all she was capable of sharing!

20120706_160334 - Version 2

The entire walk to Carrion Shereez was talking about buying a quartz beer.  Unbeknown to us that we would be staying in a monastery, Shereez embarks on buying her quartz beer.  Oh my hat – Shereezed waltzed around with the quartz bottle in the monastery, as well as in front of the nuns.  I think the nuns were so shocked they did not say a thing.  Proudly South African, Shereez decides to sit in the park and drink the beer out the bottle I tell you!!  Three  priests walked passed and Shereez waves with the biggest smile ever.  Well I could have died on the spot!!!  I am not even sure if you are allowed to drink on the streets and in the parks in Spain!!  The beer only cost 1 euro and Shereez had no plan of parting with it until it was finished!  What a laugh.  In fact it was a great laugh!!

On I walk and continue to think………

Some graffiti seen today:

20120705_102645 20120705_102243 20120705_102212



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  • Iggy

    This was one of the best Albergues on the Camino. Those nuns rocked!!

    • sparkalot

      Hello Iggy – I agree with you. The food was great, the company even greater and the vibe resonated so well with all of us – top night on the Camino.

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