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We were well prepared for the day (fruit, snacks, plenty of water)!!  A kilometer or two from Hermanillos we encountered no roads, no pathways, no bridges, no yellow arrows just this huge sign saying CALZADA ROMANA.  Hmmm – what now, so we took the Calzada Romana road in the hope of finding some yellow arrows to guide us and of course to confirm we were on track to getting to Santiago.  We walked for hours and eventually came across the below sign – phew, what relief.


The first 17km´s of the day were taxing on the feet as the road we walked on was the original road built by the Romans over a 1000 years ago.  No villages, no water points, in fact no nothing for 17km´s – once again the meseta pushed me mentally.  Every step got harder on the feet and our rest stops were in the blazing sun!   This part of the Camino is known as the most perfect extant stretch of Roman road left in Spain.  We followed in the footsteps of emperor Augustus himself.  As much as we conquered this ancient road today I think the road conquered me.

20120709_092027 - Version 2 20120709_092757

All I kept thinking about was the stop at Reliegos where we were told about a Spanish Elvis bar.  Finally five hours later we enjoyed an ice cold beer at the  so called Elvis bar, no doubt that the owner was living life to the fullest.  It was the funkiest bar and the beer was cheap, cold and GREAT!!  It mad the last few km´s of the day worth every step of the way.

20120709_104605 - Version 2

Time out and relaxing in Reliegos

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The anticipation of getting to León (we walk to Leon tomorrow) and then to start climbing a mountain again is getting to me – DAM IT!!  I cant wait for Leon but the dam climbing…….ahh!  I hear many great things about the city of León and we plan to spend 2 days there exploring the sites and just taking in the culture and enjoying the Spanish people.  Burgos has inspired the extra day’s stay.  Also, I only want to arrive in Santiago de Compostela on July 25th, therefore have the time to take a rest day again.


The rest day after the last two days of walking on cobble will also be good for the feet.  I have two more blisters (frikken hell in sandals) but the road to Santiago just does that to you.  I am becoming an expert in treating blisters so threaded the two additional blisters, disinfected, bandaged etc, sommer chop chop!!!

On  I walk, and very excited about Leon……..

Mansilla for the night!

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