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The first half of todays walk was in a tranquil environment criss crossing the Rio Agra river. The latter half was along busy main roads leading into Pamplona. The hustle and bustle of the city life was rather crazy after a relatively calm first day on the CAMINO.  We keep getting confused with left and right looking for crossing roads as everything is on the opposite side in Spain.  Best we be careful otherwise this journey could end suddenly. (Bwahaha)

Last night I did not sleep well.  The private Albergue was great, it was the restless people in the room that kept me awake!!  Eventually popped a sleeping tablet at midnight and fell into zzzzz land with my feet still aching from the days walk.

We conquered another 22 km walk today and it was just as hectic as yesterdays walk.  The scenery was gobsmackingly beautiful which helps get you through the days walking.

I love Pamplona and having spent a day here before I started my Camino from Roncesvalles makes it familiar and it was a good feeling to have.   We are staying  in the municipal Albergue,  Jesus Maria¨ with about 80 bunk beds.  Communal bathrooms (eeeeck) but thus far it looks and feels great. The facilities include a washer and dryer (yes please).  Hand washing  just isn´t for me after a tiring walk.

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Eating has been pretty simply thus far on the Camino. I´ve been enjoying an apple first thing in the morning and today we were able to stop for brunch and enjoyed fruit and yogurt.  Lunch has been difficult to attend to as we find ourselves getting to the Albergues round siesta time and hitting the showers and getting your bed ready for the night takes priority, so today’s lunch was an ice-cold coke.  Dinner is usually a pilgrims menu (9-10 euros or so) where you have choices for each of the three courses. However last night we chose to do our own thing and enjoyed a french loaf with cheese and gluten free salami, might do the same tonight as it works out loads cheaper.

Both Shereez and I have picked up blisters and they are seriously getting me down (eina) and I am going through compeed (special plaster for blisters) like I drink cuppochino’s and it is costly @ 7 euros a packet.  I have also picked up a rash on my legs and have this constant itchy feeling that is driving me looney.  Hayfever has also got the better of me and thank goodness I packed antihistamine tablets.  I am regretting the type of shoe I bought for the walk based on a podiatrists advice.  Trust me fellow pilgrims it is about comfort and lightness rather than a good solid trail walking shoe.  One gets so much conflicting advice – wear two pairs of socks, don’t wear two pairs of socks, rub your feet with Vaseline, don’t use Vaseline use Saltratos, no use pedi relax, purchase thicker socks, you need thinner socks and so it goes on………!  Feeling confused and irritated with myself that I am so unprepared for this journey (knowledge wise)!!

One tends to listen to all the advice out of pure desperation to try anything to stop the blisters and the constant ache in the soles of your feet. We are not alone in this pain, 10 out of 10 people are feeling the same ache, are experiencing some sort of discomfort and are feeling exhausted. Sounds a little depressing however the enlightment makes up for the pain and enjoyment of meeting people from all over the world and most of all the perseverance to continue.

We met Debbie, Jess, Kirsten and Iggy today, all from Chicago (USA). Below pic is of Debbie and Jess (mother and daughter).  Both have literally tossed there entire back packs and now taking the bare minimum forward with them.  Shereez and I also combed through our back packs to see what we could leave behind.  Right now wish I could leave my feet behind!!!


On I walk in pain however I do have a smile on my face.

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