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A short day today…only 19 km, allowing us to get into León early to have a good “look see”  as we have continued to hear Leon is a great city.

It’s noticeable that the meseta is ending as we’re starting to get rolling hills.  Nothing big, but after the completely flat meseta, it’s a welcome change. We walked over a new footbridge across a major highway that was built especially for El Camino and the crowds they had during the Holy year.  The holy year is when the 25th July falls on a Sunday.  It is known to attract many many more pilgrims than any other year.

20120710_174156 - Version 2

The beautiful cathedral was clearly visible while on the out skirts of Leon. Sometimes seeing your goal is a blessing in disguise (another life lesson) as you have such anticipation of getting there that sometimes you’d rather just be there.

As soon as I got to the old part of town where the cathedral was, I could see and sense that the city had a great vibe, full of people walking around and just enjoying the wonderful weather.  We booked into the monastery for the night and for the first time male and females were apart.   While walking around the city there were so many spa signs, all so tempting but there was so much to see and do and because we arrived so early we decided not to take a rest day and rather walk on with the group we were in and enjoying so much.  We also enjoyed a tour around the city in a choo choo train (just like we did in Burgos).  Ate way too many sweets and ice creams today!  Maxi-bon I love you to the stars and back a million times!! Maxi-bon is an ice-cream half is wrapped in biscuit and the other half is wrapped in the yummiest nutty chocolate!

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The locals drink what they call calimocho – it’s half red wine (vino tinto) and coca-cola served in a large cup. It tastes better than it sounds, goes down like candy (apparently), and can pack quite a punch given its ease to drink!

The up up down up up down walk was well worth it today – it was a fairly easy walk into Leon, passing through the suburb of Puente Castro.  Just a pity a lot of todays walking was alongside the highway and the noisy trucks eventually started to me a little looney.  Understand that for days I have had nothing but peace and quiet only hearing the sounds of mother nature.  So any form of noise at this point in time is like a boeing 747 landing next to your bedroom window!!


On I walk……

Update on feet – they are looking loads better – feel loads better – however the soles of my feet continue to burn like crazy.


Some more pics of the cathedral

20120710_165557 20120710_165539 20120710_165202 20120710_165256 - Version 2

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