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50km’s to go – have I seriously walked 740km thus far!!

Last night in Melide after mass we were surprised with a concert in the plaza next to the church.  It was well supported by the pilgrims and it was great listening to some folk music.  The locals just adore the pilgrims bringing along some offerings for the walk today.  I sneaked a quick cafe con leche in before I retired for the night. (oh yummy coffee I am going to miss you – Spanish coffee is great)

I am getting so close to the end that I couldn’t help but think of home and the girls.  I knew I had a way still to go (only 50 km’s but as a pilgrim with a tired body – it felt like a distance still) – the day was also filled with lots of hills.  I was up and out the Albergue at 7H30 – it was a little cool and cloudy.  I have been so blessed with the weather these last few days.  Once again I woke up and no one in the room.  Schweet!!  I enjoyed a pilgrims breakfast before I got on the road.

Melide turned out to be a pretty good sized, very busy place.  I am glad I followed my instincts to spend the night there.  The trail was not well marked and a little confusing as I went through the town yesterday – lets hope today goes better with the arrows and way marks.

Love these yellow arrows

Passing the 50km waymark was very emotional, the realization once again that everything is coming to an end kicks in deeper every minute now!!  I still long for a fluffy soft towel, my own bed, a hair dryer and some decent toiletries – however the overwhelming feeling of everything thus far on the camino out weighs these needs (or what we think we need).  As much as I miss and long for these items my thoughts right now is to continue to take this journey as slow as possible – to continue to enjoy every bit of beauty along the way – to continue to live this freedom to the fullest – to just be and go with the flow of the ups and downs.

The walk was up down up down again today.  Each time I reached the top of a hill I was hoping to see Arzua up ahead – but no such luck. Chatting over a cafe con leche I was led to believe I was one valley away with a hectic uphill into Arzua.  I embarked on the steep downhill into Ribadiso.  There was a great looking albergue that I was tempted to stop at for the night, right next to a river.  I had a short walk today so opted to walk the 3 km’s to Arzua as planned.  It was uphill all the away to Arzua and even though only 14km’s today I was whacked and decided to enjoy a private albergue for the night.

On the path today I met a group of down syndrome kids walking the Camino.  I walked behind them, in-between them, in front of them and I was absolutely blown away with the positive energy that surrounded them.  The group were in high spirits, laughing, cheering, smiling, chatting and crying with joy every time they reached a village where there parents, mentors, teachers were waiting for them.  It was great being amongst them for some time today and while they stopped for a picnic lunch I continued with happy thoughts of seeing kids with a disability yet so happy and enjoying every step of their journey.  It was most inspiring and I suddenly found myself including a bounce and hop in my step for a good two to three kilometers.  It was a warm feeling and I want to dedicate some time to a charity that raises funds for down syndrome children when I am back home.


I am in Arzua, not a great town (smallish) but loads of great pilgrims which is making it a pleasant stop. 40 km´s to go then this journey will come to a sudden end. Today was the first day that my feet did not hurt, no aches, feet are not swollen, blisters are completely healed! A wise Spanish women said that if your feet hurt it is because your mind ¨hurts¨, is today a sign of my mind has ¨healed¨. This journey has been incredible and I will aim to get to Santiago by 12h00 on Wednesday 25th July (public holiday here) so I can attend the special service to be held in the cathedral in Santiago de Compostela. Church officials swing a large incense burner at full speed during this service. They fill the whole church with incense smoke (just like it was done in the movie for those who have watched ¨The Way¨). The church service is to honor the life and work of Saint James. What a way to end this journey or ….. is it to start a journey………

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  • Mike

    Hi its the 26 September. is spanish time different to southafrican time because by my reconing you could have walked back to the begining and done the trip twice. Am still waiting for the last leg of your trip. I know you back in S A. Please let me know how the finale was. Thanks Mike N

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