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Shereez and I ready for walk to Estella

Luckily I had a good nights sleep after popping half a sleeping tablet.   My body and feet are not in good shape and I fell asleep wondering what the day will hold to Estella.  Somehow a little anxious still as the hills continue to be around and the walk is just getting more challenging for me.  My back pack feels heavier yet I have tossed so much and my feet ache more and more each day – however I am positive and will persevere till the end no matter what!

20120624_065816 - Version 2 20120624_070253

It was a fairly open route today through gently rolling farmland and the first of the vineyards with few trees and very little shelter along the way.  A wonderful 85% of the walk was on natrual pathways however the steep climb up a rough earth path took its toll on me again today.

We started a half an hour later than we normally start but we were in fairly high spirits and ready to conquer whatever was coming our way.  An apple in hand and plenty of water we started to climb a never ending hill AGAIN – it was hectic and right at the start of the day – just killed my spirit almost immediately and completely.  Please don´t misunderstand me I am not regretting the decision to walk the CAMINO it is just the constant ¨toughness¨that is draining my body physically, emotionally and mentally.

20120624_081451 - Version 2 20120624_081608

Besides crossing another beautiful and great medieval bridge the day was not a very eventful one.  The heat was crazy mad today and demanded that we take a lot of short breaks.  My body and feet were screaming for rest the whole day.  The rash on my legs continues to affect me and the constant itch is driving me looney.

After 8.5 hours of walking today we are staying in the municipal albergue and fortunately it is OK.   Hot shower did me the world of good and Marcus kindly doctored all my blisters, as well as Shereez´s feet. Feeling a little better now that I have rested and look forward to paella for dinner with some ¨friends¨we have made along the way.

20120624_153641 Whacked whacked whacked

Marcus doctoring Shereez's feet

Well deserved break with fellow pilgrims

Well deserved break with fellow pilgrims

This is the most painful journey I have embarked on and at the same time the most amazing – I can´t explain it but it is mind-boggling even with all the aches and pains and blisters and snoring.

On we walk…….

Some extra pics of the day:-

20120624_093533 - Version 2 20120624_103439 - Version 2 20120624_104935 - Version 2 20120624_105530

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  • Mike

    Hi Awesome trip. PLEASE try send photies of the awesome sights on way. Remember to look after yourself cos you so special. Lots of pain free hands knees and boemse daisy feet lov Mike N

  • Mike

    Enthusiasm is the feul of life; it helps you to get where you’re going. Enjoy the journey Mike N

  • Mike

    Send photo’s they tell a thousand words. Save your fingers cos you wont have feet or knees by the sounds of things. Or are you letting your fingers do the walking? Lots of love Mike N

    • sparkalot

      I so wish I could load the photos to my blog but the PC´s here keep crashing or freezing, they are so old it is scary how behind they are with technology. The keyboard I am using today only has three letters still marked on it, so excuse all the mistoooks in the blog just loaded.

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