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Today, we walked from Los Acros to Logroño via the town of Viana. I forgot to mention that yesterday while chilling in Los Acros (a great village) we enjoyed a foot massage, a much needed foot massage.  The rash on my legs is not an allergic reaction to the elastoplast as I assumed but a lack of water and are signs of dehydration.  The massuese has advised no less than 4 litres of water a day.  (you all know how much I love water, why not 4 litres of cuppochino´s)!!  Shereez sadly had an unfortunate incident when a 100 dollars was stolen from her wallet.  She is convinced it was the massuese and when I listen to her story I too am convinced he took the money.  Unfortunate but that is life!!  I am sure she will remember this as being her most expensive massage ever. ((hugs)) Anyhow we got an early start and took our time since we put in extra distance the day before to allow us to get to Logrono today.   Magda a South African stayed at the same Albergue and it was special meeting yet another South African on the Camino.  Magda is from Limpopo and only has time to walk to Burgos.  She is walking with us today and ¨dus so lekker om n bietjie Afrikaans to praat¨.

We got to the town of Torres del Rio and Shereez was in so much pain she wanted to take the bus to Logrono.  I felt so helpless and trying to cope and deal with my own pain I was unable to guide or assist her and with a heavy heart left her to deal with her decision on whether to take the bus or walk the road route (which we had heard was an easier route for the day).  The next 10 km were possible the most draining as I kept wondering if I had done the right thing.  I knew I could not take her pain away and felt she needed to deal with it in the way she was most comfortable with, BUT then – our Camino angel arrived and Marcus sat with Shereez, fixed her shoes by putting tape on the inside where they were biting her toes, wrapped her feet where needed with protection and walked with her side by side till we were safely reunited in Viana where I was waiting for my walking partner and friend in a outdoors type shoe shop to purchase sandals.  We bought our shoosh flip flops and socks and too excited we walked to Logrono in the blazing heat.  For the first time our blister were at ¨peace¨and we felt a little relief on our aching feet.

While waiting for Shereez I had some time to explore Viana and found the most beautiful church, as all of them have been in Spain so far. Except in addition to the physical beauty, when I walked in the door, I immediately heard monks chanting. Somewhere from the inner recesses of the church, there were monks chanting.  It was one of those goose flesh type moments and will be remembered for as long as I walk on planet earth.   What an amazing experience to sit in the church taking time to reflect as monks chanted softly in the background.

Logroño is a pretty neat city with a vibrant Plaza del Mercado.  There were people everywhere, enjoying a coffee or drink with friends and family. It seems the Spanish enjoy quite a relaxed lifestyle. Between 2 pm and 6pm, everything except bars are completely dead: siesta. I want a siesta. I think I´ll start taking them when I get back home. (Bwahahaha wishful thinking)!!

We stayed in a stunning private Albergue and a good nights sleep was no doubt on the cards, tomorrow is my 48th birthday – 27 June – a dream come true to be celebrating my birthday on the Camino!!  Yeah ha!!

On I walk……. in flip flops (aint putting those trail walking shoes back on my feet)

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  • Maryna Fourie

    Vasbyt Keteffie, jy kan dit doen! Ek weet jy kan. Ek dink terug aan Heidelberg, en daai ysige paradegrond, Bryan Adams en Summer of 69! Best days of our lifes! Jy kan hierdie een daarby add gelukkig is dit warmer al smag jy nou na bietjie koeler weer! Keep walking and Happy Birthday my friend!

    • sparkalot

      Eish Kiewiet, ek vasbyt, glo my ek vasbyt!! Dus erger as die ou dae maar ek geniet dit baie. Dankie vir die bday wense, goed gaan x

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