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OMG what a terrible little village we landed ourselves in for the night.  There is absolutely nothing here but a few houses, a real dump of a supermarket which is run out of the local bar and has all of two shelves of food.  Talk of limited options.  Oh well it is what it is and I am grateful once again I have a place to rest my tired body and aching feet.  Hopefully today was the last of the heat wave that hit Spain just in time for our arrival and journey on the Camino.  The journey thus far has been somewhat exhausting and the heat is just unbelievably hot!!

Yogi sip for dinner and a packet of oreo biscuits is all we could get to eat.  It will be an early night for us and I will fall asleep with memories of  the wonderful wide country tracks passing through remote and gently farmland with only one small section along the  main road.  There was little shade again today and the heat beats it out of you so fast.  It was a long 24 km, mainly because of the heat.   We were thinking of stopping in Granon to enjoy a quieter albergue.  However the historic albergue is in the church belltower in Grañón   and we have heard church bells ring all night in some villages and based on this we opted to move on as I dont´t think I would cope with the bells ringing every quarter hour all night long.  The Albergue looked older than dirt and really amazing, but not for us tonight.

The walk stretched over gravel farm roads between fields of grapes, hay, and potatoes. As mentioned there was very little shade  but plenty of rolling hills, some of which were quite tiresome to climb and descend.  We did fit in a stop at Santo Domingo de la Calzada for lunch which was most pleasant.

Burgos – apparently an amazeballs city will be in a few days times.  Something to look forward to as we are planning a days rest in Burgos, since it is one of the bigger cities.  We are looking forward to exploring a city good and proper for a change, even if that’s just sitting in the central square watching the locals go about their daily lives. The Spanish have been amazing hosts, helping us pilgrims out whenever we need it.  Heard of some couple from Germany who got lost and an old Spanish lady stopped them, recognizing their backpacks with the scallop shell – symbol of a pilgrim, and walked them back to the correct path (3km).  Even though it is most difficult to communicate, you will be surprised at how willing the Spanish are to ¨try¨.

¨Feet update¨- the same, eina eina eina and another eina!!!!!  The burning sensation is just dam painful.  Blisters are no better and on I walk …………

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