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It has been a bit of a challenge getting ready for this trip – 4 days to go and we still don’t have our visas.  I have been battling to find walking trail shoes for the girls.  (I think they are just too confused about what they feel comfortable in versus what looks good – must be an age thing!!)  We have managed to find a good pair of walking trail sandals however it will be cold in the mornings and sandals won’t be ideal.  Even though we are 450 km away from Pamplona – last nights weather report on CNN showed hectic snow storms.  We are totally unprepared for snow.  It is Spain’s spring season surely the snow is something of the past by this time of year.  I have a few other items I still need to get this weekend then the big pack and Tuesday (19th March) we head for the skies via Dubai to Madrid.

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