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‘Camino’ is Spanish for ‘way’ or ‘path’ – EL CAMINO = THE WAY!!  There are many Caminos de Santiago – pilgrimage routes that begin in France, Italy, Belgium, England and beyond. Some are still clearly marked and walked by modern pilgrims, although most are not as busy as they were in medieval times. However, the Camino Frances, across Northern Spain has just about surpassed its medieval popularity.  It is the most popular route to walk and the chosen route for my journey.  Many of my friends wonder why I would embark on a journey of this kind and how I got to know or hear about – Camino de Santiago – it was inspired by a book I read +- 7 years ago written by Shirley Maclaine namely The Camino.  I have always enjoyed and admired Shirley Maclaine as a celebrity and actress and after reading her book I do remember my reaction – THIS I HAVE TO DO ONE WAY!!   Although I knew next-to-nothing about the Camino, I knew straight away that it was something I wanted to do. I filed it into the back of my mind with an ‘I’m going to do that one day’ label. Over the past 7 years I have read more and more about this amazing journey and last year committed to finally I AM GOING TO JUST DO IT – June 2012!!  By this time the El Camino had filled my soul with a want so deep that nothing has stopped me from feeling that familiar feeling I felt when I read Shirley Maclaine’s book. It was as if the Camino was tugging at my soul and asking ‘When are you going to get here?’  I am excited to share I have 29 days left until I leave for MY CAMINO!

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  • Leander

    Sparks, I will be following your posts on this amazing journey you are going to be undertaking you have my respect girlfriend

    • sparkalot

      Bondalina I love you loads xxxx

  • Maryna Fourie

    Ketêffie ja wragtag dit is ook net jy wat so mal perd sal opsaal en dit op so jeugdige ouderdom. Ok ok weet dalk gebruik ek te groot afrikaanse woorde vir my soutie maatjie wat ek eintlik net wil sê is . Go Big Girl nothing is impossible!

    • sparkalot

      Kiewiet jou doring – ons sal n lekka koffee geniet as ek terug is hoopelik in een stuk nog!

  • cassidy

    good luck mommaroer!!! wishing you all the best!!!! love cassidy

    • sparkalot

      Hello Doodlebug thanks for the wishes – love you loads and loads xxxx

  • Robster

    All the best Sparks, look forward to following you on your journey

  • Team KZN

    Michelle, on behalf of the team in KZN we wish you all the best in your venture. This is so exciting and we are equally excited to share your journey with you. Team Richards Bay.

    • sparkalot

      Hello Richards Bay Team thank you for the kind wishes

  • niri

    Wow, what an inspiration to all. all the best we 100% behind kzn.

    • sparkalot

      Hi Niri if this is inspiring a few Cellnetworkers then I am HAPPY!!

  • Mandy Green

    You are an inspiration to women… how many of us can actually follow through on all the things “we want to one day do”… Best of luck my friend and I hope you leave many “stones” along your path… I will be following your journey
    the whole way and pray for your safe return.. Lotsa love to the girls. The Greens xxx

    • sparkalot

      Hello Mandy – thanks for the kind words, will pass on the love to the girls as well – loads of excitement this end and packing has commenced (not that I am taking much) – hoping to keep rucksack at 8kg! I will blog as often as time and internet connectivity allows during the next few weeks.

  • Elrisha

    Finally figured out how to do this! Sure took me a while LOL. Michelle please do enjoy every minutes of every day.

    • sparkalot

      Thanks Elrisha – hope to upload another blog as soon as I can figure out how to get the photo´s transfered to these computers in Spain – they are a little outdated and very slow

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