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THANK YOU for the input, feedback, comments on a title for my book. I have decided to go with JOURNEY BEYOND MY SHOES….

47 days to go……..

Three stages of the walk:

Stage 1, Lisbon to Porto – 380km, and the plan is to do this section over 15 days which equates to +- 25km per day
Stage 2, Porto to Santiago – 240km, and the plan is to do this section over 10 days which also equates to +- 25km per day
Stage 3, Santiago to Finisterre (via Muxia) – 145km, and the plan is to do this section over 6 days which once again equates to +-25km per day
Total of 765km in 31 days!!

800km through Spain in 2012 took we 35 days, which included one rest day in Burgas. I have planned for at least 3 rests days on the walk through Portugal. This will include rest days in Coimbra, Porto and Santiago. Start walking on the 15 June and finish the 765km including rest days round 18th July giving us enough time to work our way back to Lisbon by train to fly home on the 20th July.

I am so excited and can’t wait to see the beauty of Portugal on foot. Knowing that I will be exploring another country on foot with a 10kg back pack with all I need for +- 31 days; where you can really take the time to absorb the culture, sounds, smells and pulse of a place, creates an excitement within that I just want to GO NOW!!. Magic feelings!! Another really slow trip on foot that will make for yet another epic adventure that will stay with me forever.

The first three days seem to be mostly along highways and apparently contending with the traffic is most challenging as the driving is insane (so the blogs I have read say). Portugal has one of the highest mortality rates on the roads in Europe. Seriously, I thought Spanish driving was a little dodgy, but this seems like it is going to be a whole new experience. Despite the fact that the designated route follows the main roads someone apparently forgot to build a footpath along the way. So it will be a case of walking on the actual road and hoping not to get mown down. We will just have to contend with some clever dodging. Another common thread in the blogs is that the Lisbon to Porto section is not well signed with yellow arrows. Oh well, it is what it is!!!

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