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How are we feeling…..

We still don’t have our VISA’s

The longer I wait for the euro to recover the worse it gets

We are NOT physically ready for the journey

We have not started the packing process

I have not got to the doctor as yet to get script for good pain-killer (interestingly you can get 600mg ibuprofen over the counter in Spain but in South Africa you need a prescription, FYI you can also get an antibiotic over the counter in Spain)

My prescription sun glasses are not ready for collection yet

My car is still at the panel beaters after unfortunate accident two weeks ago

Cassidy left for her Grade 10 Odyssey Camp on Friday (yesterday) and is due back on the 18th, the same day we fly to Lisbon.  Time between her arrival (if bus is not delayed) and our departure for the airport is 1.5 hours!!

So, how are we feeling OR seen that this is my blog, how am I feeling………


However, when I put these feelings aside and fill my space with thoughts, memories, pictures and feelings of previous Camino’s, I feel a sense of safety, calmness, peace, excitement and joy.  This journey could not have come at a better time, it sure has been one hell of a year!  I feel blessed that I am able to take my girls on another Camino, a journey of quality time together catching up on the deeper meaning of life!  I look forward to walking long distances with the 3 girls (Cassidy has a friend joining, Rachel) laughing uncontrollable, admiring the beauty around us, cafe con leche stops, looking at there innocent and beautiful faces without the constant disturbances of a phone ringing, tweet alert, whats app message or email beep, traffic and the constant chaotic-ness of life as a single parent!!  Looking forward to getting in touch with my soul, nature, life…… and more importantly my girls as well as getting to know Cassidy’s best friend, Rachel!!

Our plans include

Spending 2 nights in Lisbon

Train and bus to Fatima for a day (Place of Miracles)

Spend 1 night in Coimbra

Work our way via train to Porto, spend two exciting days in Porto before our 300km journey will commence to Santiago and onto Finnesterre!

We will reward ourselves with 3 days in Madrid on our return leg home!

I will do my utmost to keep the blog updated with our exciting adventure, until Lisbon, Buen Camino all!!

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