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Before I introduce a true inspiration to you all, here are some interesting facts about people walking the EL CAMINO from English speaking countries.  In the latest news letter from the CONFRATERNITY OF ST JAMES SOUTH AFRICA there are 143 South African’s who start walking the EL CAMINO in June – WOW and Shereez and I are part of that statistic!! (YES)!! This is the part of the CAMINO that I look most forward to – meeting people from all over the world – wine-ing and dinning at night – I can picture the laughs and fun and will share them with you along the way! (Oh yeah)


Pilgrims arriving from English speaking countries in the first 5 months of 2012

Country 2009 2010 2011 2012
Australia 265 289 302 462
Canada 503 463 502 685
Ireland 493 710 639 1220
South Africa 44 74 118 178
UK 435 529 542 907
United States 607 693 837 1489
New Zealand 43 51 45 72

No. of South Africans has gone up 4 fold!

So – who is Shereez Martin — Shereez is the eldest daughter of one of my best friends – Sharon.  Sharon and I have been best buddies for 30 years this year (Yes, Sharon it is 30 years)!!  Watching Sharon raise her two gorgeous daughters Shereez and Zaren prepared me for motherhood and taught me how to love my girls deeply and fearlessly without holding on too tight, giving them the opportunity to develop their own identities.  (by the way I changed Shereez’s nappies and babysat many many many a weekends and nights – loved it))

Shereez – all of 26 years old and taking this huge step with me to walk the EL CAMINO.

Shereez Martin

Shereez – our 25 km BIG WALK – from Fish Hoek to Mowbray 2011

Shereez decided to embark on this journey in December (2011) and was one of my walking partners last year when I embarked on every possible walk I could participate in.  Shereez has taught me that laughter truly is the best medicine.  And the best way to start the day.  And the best way to end the day.  And the best afternoon pick-me-up (you get the idea).  She truly is an inspiration and I am excited that we are taking this journey together.  One other important lesson Shereez has taught me is that generosity is not just a personal characteristic but also a daily practice.  Just like her mother – Sharon!!  Sharon’s continued unconditional “giving” has allowed me to pick up the pieces of my life (especially the last 13 years) and move on with confidence and self pride. Shereez’s unconditional “giving” has made me realize that age does not matter when it comes to friendships – (21 years difference between us)!!

Shereez also plays an important part in the girls lives – she is a great fun role model that both the girls enjoy.  She is forever spoiling them with hugs, cuddles, bb messages and laughter.  Always encouraging them to be their best – do their best – conquer all challenges with smiles on there faces and never to look back but only forward!!

Shereez and Tanika Christmas 2011 @ MOFAM

Shereez and Tanika Christmas 2011 @ MOFAM


Shereez and Cassidy - Christmas 2011 @ MOFAM

Shereez and Cassidy – Christmas 2011 @ MOFAM

Rizi – after your messages tonight (once again a good  laugh) the only advice I have is…

See you on Thursday and we can work out how we get everything into our 35 litre rucksacks, have a safe flight – weekend yoga classes are booked, body massages are booked, lift to the airport on Monday booked. xx

……6 more sleeps!!

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  • alan stock

    Hi michelle, well even if the shower story is true, at least you will be able to walk on sandy beach in cape town , without blushing!!!

    • sparkalot

      As long as it is a group effort (bwahahaha)

  • Sharon Moore

    Thanks for the kind words… You are truly a special friend! Love you buddy.. Now go have a ball of a journey! Xxx

  • Rob Nell

    Hey Sparks, Didn’t get to call you to wish you well………….all the best girl, looking forward to hearing about your adventures!

    • sparkalot

      Thanks Rob xx

  • Mike

    Awesome to see how lovely ye girls grown up to be. Be a blessing as I know you will be on your journey Mike N

    • sparkalot

      Hi Mike – we start walking tomorrow – eish!!

  • Richard Lurie

    Go Mich go hope all is well

    • sparkalot

      Hi Richard – thanks, this is the toughest thing I have ever chosen to do and day is more gruelling than the day before but on I will walk. This is hectic and testing me every second of putting one foot in front of the other. :o)

  • Warren Rothstein

    Happy happy and many many more….. Hope you’re having a fantastic time and even better day……stay positive enjoy the moment!!

  • Walter

    Happy Birthday Sparks!!!! HAve a good day and let someone spoil you rotten. Guess no walking, just having fun?

    Chat soon

    • sparkalot

      I wish no walking – but a dream come true so had a very special day!

  • Helmien

    Hi Michellie! Happy Birthday for the 27th June! It took me a while to figure this out! I hope you are well and enjoy every minute my friend.

    • sparkalot

      Hello Helmiena – I am well and I am enjoying all the pain :0) – thanks for the birthday wishes x

  • google api maps

    This blog was… how do you say it? Relevant!! Finally
    I’ve found something which helped me. Kudos!

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