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O'Cebreiro - freezing cold

O’Cebreiro – freezing cold

Oh what a night. It was minus 5 degrees and the heating system failed during the night. Thank goodness we brought our sleeping bags along and helped with keeping our ice-cold bodies warm. Our clothes, jackets, shoes from the previous days walk in non stop rain was still soaked. Nothing dried during the night. The girls were feeling drained and I was once again concerned about the descent with snow on the paths and i suppose if I am totally honest with myself I did not feel like a day in unending rain, sleet and fog, in icy cold wet shoes and jackets. After all this is meant to be a fun walking holiday.



Snow in the village - O'Cebreiro

Snow in the village – O’Cebreiro

I want this tile - pleaaasse

I want this tile – pleaaasse

I decided we will take a taxi to Triacstela and enjoy the day off, catching up on some blogs, washing, and chillax time. The girls were in their element unbeknown to me that Cassidy was in a bad way with cramps and discomfort due to some gluten she got into her system. We made the best of our day touring around Triacastela and exploring the cosy bars with fires going which created the prefect atmosphere for a chillaxed day.

We have crossed the last high peak on the Camino and have entered the region of Galacia, also know for its drizzly rain, tiny daffodils and violet flowers alongside the pathways. The topography changes from here on and one sees fields rolling with acres of green grass. I remember the landscape being gobsmackingly beautiful over this stretch of the Camino.

We stayed at Casa David, a spotlessly clean bed and breakfast type accommodation, comfortable and most enjoyable vibey bar.

Casa David - Triacastela

Casa David – Triacastela

Triacastela to Sarria via Samos

All three of us were eager to get our feet back on the Camino and with dry shoes and jackets it was a non negotiable.

I walked behind the girls most of the way listening to their eager beaver chats and thinking to myself, oh golly they have grown up so fast, both so emotionally mature about their outlook on life taking into consideration I have been the only stability factor for them. They both enjoyed the independence of leading the way for the day.

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I, in particular felt so energetic as we hiked down the trail through the woods and along a stream to the giant monastery of Samos. The oldest monastery in Spain. Parts of the Benedictine monastery complex are as early as the 9th century, but the majority was built in the 16th and 17th centuries. Much, however, had to be rebuilt after a fire in 1951. Still in use only sections can be visited. The little village had such a surreal atmosphere, i could have stayed the day, even spent the evening there, but our booked accommodation was waiting for us in Sarria. Mist and pale sun was the game of the day with plenty of rain as we got closer to Sarria.

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On departure from Samos we opted to take the road to Sarria as the locals were saying some of the pathways were flooded making it impossible to get through areas without being knee-deep in water. On the tar road and let me add, so dangerous with speeding cars and trucks our feet started to feel the brunt of the walk / walking over the last few days. Once again it amazed me how the girls just made the long journey work for them by making up songs and of course in true Tanika style rapped them. Tanika changed the words of “I will survive” to….

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First I was afraid I was petrified, kept thinking I was going to die and so i started to cry, and I spent so many hours thinking if there is another way until mom eventual told me I have to prick this blister away and so I pricked and pricked again even though I did not feel a thing I still started to cry cause I could not bear the pain.

….Tanika had Cassidy and myself in fits of laughter which made the journey to Sarria most enjoyable. The road route was definitely much longer than the Camino route, so I reckon we must have walked +- 29km’s to Sarria from Triacastela.

We were blessed with a stunning 3 star hotel with big comfy beds and crisp fresh white linen and a huge bathroom, finally I enjoyed a well deserved hot bath instead of a shower. What Bliss!!!

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  • Shawn

    Hahahahaha. I can just picture her singing that song. Very cute

  • mike neokorides

    Hi been watching the weather and it does not look good. Hope you get some good weather to lift the spirits. Am enjoying the trip so far just cant wrap it though. Can try making a ballad but not good at that either.Do it in the dry fly high. You one amazing human being and a true example of motherhood. God bless happy travelling. Safe travelling and I see the Force is with you

  • mike neokorides

    Hullo I guess you have forgotten about your imac/ ipad/iphone/ ime thats trying to follow you every step of the way. Where ever you are I trust you and the girls are safe. So stay safe and simple and the rest will be a breeze with a bit o rain and some snow. Enjoy and good walking love and light Miken

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