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We slept like babies last night – a sign of how exhausted we were after yet another days challenging walk.   The morning kicked off well and the girls were delighted to be interviewed by an Irish lady who was doing a series of interviews for an Irish Radio Station.  She was attracted to the fact that we spoke English and that two young girls were walking the Camino – not a common sight to see two youngsters tackle this journey.

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I was soooo impressed with how the girls answered the questions and how they both surprised me with their maturity and the loving way they handled the entire interview.  Tanika was obviously in her element and did wonder if her interview would hit the streets of Hollywood.   Proper funny this child and continues to live her dream of being a Hollywood star one day.  You go Noodlebug!!

Just as we were packing up to get going for the days walk, a South African who recognised our accents pops over to say hi and ask a few questions about the Camino.  She had only just arrived that morning at 02h00 and was starting her 80km’s the following day to Santiago.  Unbeknown to us who Paige Nick is – we share whatever information we can with her and swap contact info and off we set for the day.   We later realised that she is THE PAIGE NICK who writes a weekly column for the Sunday Times. We also learnt that she is the author of some great books – A Million Miles from Nowhere as well as This Way Up AND of course the newly released – A Girl walks into a bar…….

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The sun was out for most of the day.   It was great experiencing the beautiful landscape descending through a picturesque spring of mixing narrow paths, low stone walls, melodious brooks, frolicking newborn animals, birdsong, huge trees, tiny wildflowers, and hot mid-day sun.  What a wonderful brew for the day.

The girls and I felt we could keep going – even with all of the blisters, pain, aches, and exhaustion and crazy mad weather we have had the last few days.  As challenging as it has been thus far it has been absolute bliss for my mind – it is a brain vacation every day as my feet simply walk and my mind is free to roam – something that seldom happens in my normal life.  It is what travel should be; a true break for your mind from the day to day routine and stress it has to deal with.

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I remember so clearly from last years Camino walking 790km’s across a country that the first week breaks you physically, the next 10 days breaks you mentally, and the last days build you up emotionally and spiritually.  I have to share that I feel like I’ve gone through this roller coaster in the last 7 days again with the girls, but todays sunshine has reminded me of all the beautiful lessons I learnt and now I’m trying to figure out how to stay in this ‘sunshiny space” and help the girls take the lessons they have learnt thus far with them beyond the Camino.

I continue to be so proud of the girls and they have kept me going on this Camino which in fact is about them and not me, yet I continue to learn so much and appreciate them more and more.  I am truly blessed to have these kind, compassionate, caring, loving souls in my life.

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