Planning for another Camino – this time the Portuguese Way – 650km across Portugal to Santiago

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20130402_1614062014 is but a few days away and I am so ready for another exciting goal. A goal to test my endurance again is what is calling and therefore the decision to walk the PORTUGUESE WAY. Having had the time and walked the El Camino Francis Way in 2012, from Roncesvalles to Santiago – 790km across Spain and then the last +-300 km of the Francis Way again with my girls, Cassidy and Tanika this year the Camino has become my aphrodisiac.

Preparation is the key to an enjoyable adventure. In this case, preparing the body for approximately 8 hours of walking every day. When I walked the Francis Way through Spain I was not physically prepared but having thought about walking the Camino for 7 years I was mentally prepared and this is what got me through the 790km’s of walking. In my last Camino, foot pain was a common bond between all the walkers. People compared the pain, the size of blisters, the colour of toe nails, and the various remedies. I was told by so many walking guru’s – “you will only ache for the first two weeks of walking, after 2 weeks, the body has adjusted and the rest of the walk will be pain free”! Oh yeah – well WRONG, I was exhausted every day of the walk, my feet ached and burnt every step of the way, blisters lasted and bugged me right up till Sarria, my body has never endured so much pain in all its 48 years of being, but thankfully my mind was willing and able and I conquered the journey across Spain with such satisfaction, joy and total enlightenment! I found my “soul” along the way and love who I have become in life and continue to learn and grow by taking “one step at a time in life”!

I learnt to walk through the pain and embrace the beauty I was surrounded with everyday on the Camino. I was so excited about getting home and sharing my story with my girls who followed my blog and made contact with me most days to wish me well. I will never forget the morning I was at my lowest when I got an SMS from Tanika and it read “Mom, you are my hero” – it was these very words that got me back on the road with a hop in my step and after 35 days of walking sat in the cathedral in Santiago feeling very blessed and grateful for the two special daughters I have in my life! Both Cassidy and Tanika have decided to walk part of the Portuguese Way with me (from Porto to Santiago) which I am most excited about, +- 240km. Their challenge is they need to pay there own way, so they have started up a little business called Doodlebugz cc and selling a variety of wall, car and alphabet tattoos. The website should go live by end of January, watch this space for more info!

The interesting part of this Camino is – we are a few peeps walking from all over the world. Thus far there is a possibility of a friend joining from Australia and the UK. I will share more info about the “group” taking on this adventure later in the blog. For now, the focus is reading up about the Portuguese Way and getting my body, mind and soul ready for yet another great adventure.

Bom Caminho – as they say in Portugal!

Beun Camino – in Spain!

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