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Left Ponte de Lima at 06h00 in the hope of getting most of today’s walk done before the mid day heat, a short walk of 20km ‘ s with the steepest climb ever which just carried on forever and a day!!

Just the other side of the medevil stone bridge which was rebuilt in 1368 a cafe was open so guess what, yes, I stopped for a cafe con leche while the others mossied on.  I crossed the bridge and have not forgotten anything as the myth says!! (bwahaha)

Ponte de Lima claims to be the oldest village in Portugal and as shared, what a charming village with great character and beautiful street lights that light up the place at night creating such an amazing ambience.  I thought Coimbra was my favorite place in Portugal (thus far) however this beauty has won my heart.

Today we walked the route which Napoleon marched his troops along and it was steep (in fact very steep).  Loved the challenge of the climb and all the “pretty” around me.  Mountain streams, waterfalls, cobble road’s,  hydrangeas, caved in roofs of old barns, blue gum trees, and right at the top a view that mesmerised me for a while.  The descent was soft enough on the knees and most pleasant with plenty of shade.   Luckily most of the day was on glorious natural paths.

+- 3 km’s from Rubiaes a caravan tuck shop set up especially for the Peregrino’s with food, coffee, ice creams etc.  is available for a quick snack, pleasant stop before you reach Rubiaes.  Suggest you take a rest here as there is NOTHING in Rubiaes.  I rested here for a while and enjoyed watching other peregrino’s walk pass or stop for a chat and bite.

I have had two falls in the last two days,  have grazed both knees and grazed my pinkie finger.  I tripped yesterday and went flying and my pants tore in the fall and today I trod on a loose rock and went flying again with a 8.5kg back pack hitting me one hard shot on my head (it was no joke at the time, however laughing about it now)! Not much to share about Rubiaes as we stayed a wee way out of the town itself.  There was absolutely nothing around us and had to take a taxi to get to dinner.  Population is +- 500 which is an indication of how small this town is!!

Pics taken in the evening, just love this place!!

IMG_3692 IMG_3691 IMG_3700 IMG_3698 IMG_3697 IMG_3694 IMG_3693 IMG_3690

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