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Great nights rest in Hotel Rias Bajas, Pontevedre.  We had a fairly easy but longish walk today, hardly any elevation.  Light breakfast at 08h00 and hit the road by 08h30.

Today was possible the easiest walking day thus far due to no elevation and the weather was kind to us.  Path ways were soft on our feet and way marking was excellent.  However at times we did feel as if we were on a conveyer belt as there were so many walkers, I mention walkers as these are not true pilgrims walking the full 650 kilometers or even the 280 kilometers from Porto, they are merely walking a days walk maybe two days walk.

We passed a farm stall selling fresh cherries @ 1 euro.  These cherries were large, healthy looking plum read, succullent, moist  and just dam yummy.  Our welcomed treat today.

Interesting to see how many youngsters are walking, they are 19 or 20 years old tackling the camino either in groups or entirely on their own. Learning to be alone and liking it from such a young age is a gift.  There is nothing more freeing and empowering.

The arrival in Caldes de Reis was welcomed with a beer alongside the river.  We also had a serving of melon and ham, it was so yummy we ordered another.


Caldes de Reis is know for it’s hot springs so once settled in the hotel we went looking for the hot baths.  Population of 10 000 the town is neatly contained between the rivers of Umia and Bermana.

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