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Today was a long day for the girls and myself.   It was bleak and cold, add to that the wind chill factor and the intermittent heavy rain which makes the walk so much more challenging.   I could see the girls were taking strain today (myself as well) but they continued without one moan or groan.

We wore our gloves and buffs over our heads with our rain poncho’s on for most of the day. The sun hardly appeared and the wind was biting.   One would assume the walk pace would be quicker so as to keep warm but the weather conditions slowed us down and the 26km’s took forever.   Surprisingly there were a lot of people out walking today.  Many young Spanish school groups whose constant babble, loudness never ending giggling is so in one’s face that all you want to do is get away from them.  Tolerance Sparks – tolerance – yes, another lesson TOLERANCE.


Our first stop for the day, we met up with two ladies walking the last 100 odd km’s and the one was battling so much with her feet that she could no longer continue and opted to bus to Palas de Rei.  Her friend then joined us for the day – it was most tiring as she could not speak English and we could not speak German, trying to have any form of conversation was impossible.

The paths were wet and muddy and we did not even try to dodge the mud, we just walked right through it.  We were soaked from head to toe again.  Palas de Rei where are you – is all I had on my mind.  The day just needed to end for me.  The weather is really getting me down!!

A highlight was relieving the entire movie – ICE AGE 4, how do these kids remember every word, every scene, every song of a movie.  Over and above watching the movie in “words” Cassidy and Tanika sang there way through today’s challenging weather.

Our accommodation for the night made up for the challenging day.  The cabin like hotel is most festive and loads of pilgrims have docked in for the night.  Groups playing chess, cards, drinking games, dominoes, a bit loud but most enjoyable and something different for the girls to be experiencing.

Tanika is taking a little bit of strain with her two blistered feet.  Tonight all propped up and heavily doctored with multiple threads running through each boil to wick off the oozing liquid, but seeing her grin from ear to ear tells me she is enjoying the adventure, in spite of the blisters.

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