Prepared or not prepared for the EL CAMINO, …it does not really matter as there is no turning back

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Why have I chosen to do this now – in 2012?  I’ve kind of been in a fuzz the last three years maybe even four years – emotionally, spiritually, and most definitely physically.  But is there ever a right time to embark on a journey like this — no, I don’t think so – my view is it will happen when it is meant to happen and now is obviously my time. Lets not forget that I have wanted to do this for the past 7 years…… I hope that spending 6 weeks hiking and meditating the El Camino will help me find what I’m looking for, even if I don’t know what that is right now. The hardest part at the moment is the time for training for the physical hardship of completing the trip.  Between a full time job and being a single parent of two gorgeous little girls my time is limited for “me”!! 15 days to go and I am questioning have I got the right walking shoes, the best socks, enough toiletries, a big enough backpack – trust me you don’t want to be inside my head right now!!  Oh yes and don’t forget the lists of things to do before I leave – procrastination has been the source of where I am (eish). I’ll have to carry almost everything I need for the journey, so best I keep that load (my backpack) to no more than 10kg.  My back gets an ache just thinking about carrying a backpack for 6 weeks.  :0) I am on a treadmill walking 5km every day (run a bit as well) and I know this is nowhere near enough training or walking and that I need to get my feet on a road, but it is just not going to happen in Johannesburg!!  I have not found a “spot” to go walk like we had in Cape Town along the promenade in Sea Point.  However – I have two good trainers, they are all of 12 and 13 years old and both of them make sure I don’t miss a meter of the 5km’s I am committed to doing every day.  Either one of the girls will  jump on the treadmill positioning themselves to give me a shoulder massage while I sweat it out in front of them!  Cute and a great help as they both support me in my preparation for the journey. Last year while still living in Cape Town we participated in every walk we could register for and joined hundreds of others walking mainly in support of various charities. Here are a few photos and great fun memories:-

Twilight Walk – Cape Town – 2011 with Madison, Victoria and Nikita

Another 10 km walk done and dusted – KFM 94.5 Gun Run

How much further…… 10km Gandhi Peace Walk – 2011

Sometimes friends joined us – Nikita with Cassidy and Tanika – casual 10km walk along the promenade in Cape Town

Made it – now for the fun!! Blisters for Bread – 2011

Phil (dad) supported the girls while I tagged on 1 km behind them with my dear friend Kay – KFM 94.5 Gun Run – 2011

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  • Yolanda French

    Great read. Love the pics. I’ve got butterflies for you, but you gonna do great. Lotsa love.

  • niri

    Wow this is awesome. The count down begins. lovely pics.

  • alan stock

    Hi michelle, Even if you got good boots, which i know you have, take a pair of good walking sandles, which are fairly loose around the toes and heel, just in case you develop blisters. Also a great product for aches and pain is yunnan baiyao, a chinese herbal spray, great for spraying on blisters, but be prepared to bite on a piece of rope!!!!!

  • kimsj24

    You need to edit the bit “little” girls – if they weren’t as sensible and mature and responsible as they are, you would never feel safe leaving them for a few weeks while you do this. They are “big” girls now! Mwah

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