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Cathedral in Tui

Cathedral in Tui

I was most excited about today as we cross the border into Spain.

Last nights dinner was still sitting heavily in my tummy as the portions were so large.  Three people could have eaten off one serving.  I have noticed the huge serving portions throughout Portugal.

Our stay was pleasant enough even though there was nothing close to the hotel in Rubiaes.   Our washing was washed for us (what a treat) and the lady running the hotel prepared a really awesome breakfast for us.  One person runs this entire hotel, she is the receptionist, the cook, the cleaner, the laundry specialist, once again I am wowed by how much these people do to stay either employed or keep costs of running their own establishments to a minimum.  She is also fluent in 3 or 4 languages.  We are clearly very spoilt in South Africa with all the help we have around us!

I was on the chase for a cuppaccina so left the breakfast table before the others, knowing that they would all either catch up with me or pass me as I enjoy my cafe con leche stops along the way.  Sharon and Koren soon came dashing by and Janine opted to stick to my pace to enjoy the camino with loads of cuppaccino’s.  My first day that someone has stuck by my side step by step for 80% of the days walk, which was pleasant and catching up on life with Janine was long overdue and having a cafe con leche partner for the day was just dam GREAT.

Janine and I managed to catch up with Koren and Sharon at a resturant where they were lunching about 7km short of our destination for the night.  We enjoyed the left overs of what they ordered.  (As, shared the portions are huge).  Was not long and the Belgiums arrived and then some other pilgrims, and before you knew it the place was filled with tired hungry pilgrims.  We had no idea where Alan was, all we knew was he was ahead of us.

The walk to Valenca seemed to take forever and we were undecided whether to stay in Valenca or Tui.  Valenca is another stunning little town and it seemed most festive but I was geared up for crossing the border into Spain.  Interesting that there is no passport control at the border.  You simply walk over the bridge into Spain.  People come and go as they please with no checks whatsoever.  Walking across the bridge was another highlight, I had conquered walking the Portugal part of the camino and it felt so good to scream at the TOP OF MY VOICE while crossing the bridge.  My screaming obviously droned out by the passing vehicles.

Bridge crossing over into Spain!!




The last part of walking out of Valenca is through the old city and the camino winds its way through the huge fortress into the old city which was buzzing with bus loads of tourists.  Once you are through the old city you cross the bridge taking you into Tui (Spain).  Remember to set your watches one hour behind once you have crossed the border.  Also remember if you have a Portugal PP sim card (mobile) this will no longer work in Spain and you would need to get a Spanish PP sim card.  We battled to find a cell phone shop in Tui, the only one was closed.


Once you cross the bridge you need to head down towards the river and not follow the route like we did which takes you through a really kakky part of Tui directly to the route out for the next days walk.  We got so lost trying to work our way back to the cathedral where Alan was patiently wiring for us.  We never got there and eventually we all hooked up at the hotel we booked into for the night.  Sharon and Janine decided to head back to Valenca for the night and Alan, Koren and myself stayed at the cheapish hotel on the outskirts of Tui.  It was about a kilometre and bits walk to the cathedral which we visited that evening after a great fun dinner in the square where we met Jack again for a quick beer.  Everything is quick with Jack, as he is truly like a Jack in the box, always on the move / go, however great fun to be around him with plenty of good laughs.

It was rather chilly and the only warmth was my big red tent!!






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