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Day 6, Rubias to Tui (cross the Portugal / Spain border today) – another highlight on this route!!

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A great new cafe / shop about 3km’s from Rubias, awesome breakfast stop.  We met so many pilgrim friends here catching up over a few cafe con leche’s

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“Pretty” walk today

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The constant reminders of Tanika, the Camino has a way of showing “love and light”.  The cross looking more like a T and the Hi, everyday Tanika’s what’s app includes a “Hi Mom, how is the walk going”!!

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The beauty continues tenfold along this route.

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Today we had our pack backs transported to Valenca as Rachel’s knee was really playing up and a days walking without the weight was just what she needed.  Our back packs where dropped at the Bombeiros (fire station) in Valenca, neatly left to one side, we collected them and continued with the last +-5 km’s to Tui.


The entrance to the fortress and walk through the old city before you get to the bridge to cross over to Spain.

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Good bye beautiful and wonderful Portugal, we will miss this friendly country.

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Hello Spain


A lil bit of a climb into Tui, our bodies were seriously not coping too well today, BUT we got to Tui, a beautiful village along the Portuguese Way, first village stop in Spain.  We stayed in the municipal Albergue, which was great, spotless and fairly modern in comparison to some of the Albergues along the route thus far.




Loved walking around Tui, the cathedral is beautiful and well worth a visit.



All three of us needed some chill time and we decided to celebrate our safe arrival in Spain with a vodka shot.  Why vodka, I have no idea but it was the girls choice of “shooter” which they did not finish, I think they both took two sips each and left the rest.  I warned them but they insisted it needed to be vodka!!  Oh well – it was fun watching the faces.




Overall a ANOTHER GREAT WALK today, but we are feeling the exhaustion.  Loads of laughs and fun with these two teenagers along the “Way”.

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