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Our second day in Santiago and still feeling elated with joy.  I needed to get our train tickets to Madrid so we popped down to the station to get these secured before we continued to be tourists and enjoy some souvenir shopping.  I remember wondering the narrow streets of Santiago with Shereez, Kirstin, Debbie and Jessica last year, sipping cold beers in the middle of the day touching base with fellow pilgrims as they relaxed in Santiago after 790km’s of walking.  It was somewhat different with the girls in that all they wanted to do was explore and shop and shop and shop.  Souvenir shopping in Santiago is not cheap and the more I tried to explain that it would be better shopping in Madrid and Dubai the more the girls were adamant that they needed every souvenir they could possible see.

We visited the Peregrino Museum a few meters from the Pilgrims Office, it really is a worthwhile visit and entry was free if you showed your pilgrims passport.  We explored as much as we possible could eating the yummiest ice cream, treating ourselves to expensive chocolates, sipping cafe con leche’s in the cosiest of bars and getting the good news from South Africa that Inez (my younger sister) was pregnant as well as the tragic news that my other younger sister was diagnosed with cancer.  The roller coaster of happy and sad was so overwhelming I needed some space and left the girls for a short while to go gather my thoughts and get my mind right for the rest of our holiday.


Narrow streets of Santiago.

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Praza do Obradoiro – the golden square of Santiago is usually thronged with pilgrims and tourist admiring the facade of the cathedral but this time of year the square was quiet with few pilgrims around.

Cassidy and Tanika done with the souvenir shopping for the day!

We spoilt ourselves to dinner in a very fancy restaurant, splashed out a bit and enjoyed a wholesome Spanish meal.  A great day and sad to be leaving tomorrow but also excited for Madrid and the art museums, panda bear sanctuary and of course shopping on Via Grande.

What a pleasure waking up and not rushing our bags to reception to be fetched by the Camino Couriers to cart to the next hotel.   The euphoria of walking part of the Camino with the girls has kicked in and the gratitude for our safe arrival in Santiago.  Feeling very blessed we took everything in our stride and slowly worked our way to the station for the journey to Madrid.

Waiting for the taxi to take us to the station – we were done walking (insert small smiley face)!


Keeping busy at the train station – playing cards while I was making notes for blogs.


Finally on the platform to board for Madrid.


Santiago Station


The luggage we THANKFULLY did not have to carry on the CAMINO


The train journey was long – if I recall correctly a good 6 hours from Santiago to Madrid.  A great deal of time to reflect on both the HAPPY and SAD news we received earlier in the day.

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