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Alan, Koren and I were in Tui while Sharon and Janine enjoyed the evening in Valenca, so we started off at different times, Sharon and Janine a good 5km’s behind us.  It was freezing cold and rainy, no breakfast was included so we opted to get going fairly early and stop at the first cafe for breakfast.  It was mainly tarred roads for the first 8 km’s which was great as wet soggy pathways are not the greatest to walk especially if your shoes are not water proof.   We found a cafe open just before one hits the long haul through the industrial area of Porrino.  While enjoying breakfast and listening to other pilgrims chatting about the industrial slog we opted to take a taxi to Mos and continue to walk from there to Arcade which was still a long walk for the day, +- 27 km’s.   There is an alternate route and most blogs as well as the Camino forums write extensively on the route, however being so cold and wet we opted to taxi the +- 7km slog of industrial sites.

No regrets having done this as the rest of the day was up down up down up down, and the decent into Redondela was crazy mad on one’s knees.  We did not have Spanish sim cards so no contact between us and Sharon / Janine.  Wi-fi was limited to cafe’s, so we had no idea where they were tracking and if they were going to stay in Redondela or Arcade.  As far as I know there is only an Albergue in Redondela and no hostels or hotels.

We stopped at a great restaurant for lunch allowing us to fuel up good and solid for the rest of the days walk.  We still had 10km’s to go and I was feeling the exhaustion three-fold.  Koren and Alan seemed fine.   Once the river views were in sight spirits lifted and the eagerness to get to Arcade followed.  Arcade is along the River de Vigo.


We stopped off at a cafe with wi-fi and tried to make contact with the others, to no avail.  We were so bushed and neither of us had the energy to walk to the hotel we booked for the night, so the lady who owned the cafe offered to drop us. I continue to be blown away by the hospitality of the Portuguese people.  We loaded our back packs in her spotlessly clean Audi and enjoyed the 3km drive to the hotel.

We found a great hotel on the other side of the river for the night, Jack was booked in there as well so another night with Jack was enjoyed and early to bed for all of us as the up down up down of the day had clearly got the better of all three of us!!

Jack from Ireland below!  The smirk is merely not getting the drinking of red wine out of a bowl!!!






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