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Day 7, Tui to Porrino

We left Tui rather early due to some pilgrims waking up the entire Albergue with noisy back packs and thinking that it is OKAY to speak aloud while so many of us were still trying to catch an extra 40 winks.  Anyhow, it was a beautiful fresh morning to wind one’s way through Tui.



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Donativo table, the Spanish just love the pilgrims and one often finds a table of refreshments along the “way”, you help yourself and if you wish you can leave a donation in return for the kindness.  Often a stamp is also available to stamp your pilgrim credential booklet.

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Cassidy enjoying the grapes from the donativo table.

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An easy walk again today from Tui to Porrino.


You gotta love it when the bosses at work send you a pic of all enjoying lunch after a productive management meeting and you are sweating it out on the Camino.  (LOL)


Porrino is a lovely little city with loads to see and enjoy.

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Tanika’s selfies sent to us today.  Tanika is in good spirits watching our every step of the way on this Camino.  We do miss her like crazy though.

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Cassidy and Rachel catching an afternoon nap.

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We decided to treat ourselves to a much needed foot massage. Feet were well revived for the next few days.

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