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So many friends are asking me – “Why another Camino?”, I have so many reasons so thought I would answer the question in my blog. Here goes……

Because of cafe con leches (had to put this first)

Because of the cheap wine

Because of the rhythm of walking

Because of the thrill of walking into Santiago

Because of the immense feeling of achievement and satisfaction

To test my endurance levels

To conquer another challenge

Because of the laughter

Because of the tears

Because of the pain

For the adventure of it

For the joy

To continue to find out more about “me” and what I am capable of

To lose myself

To sing as loud as I can and dance like never before

For the space

To look for the cosmic energy, whatever that might be or not be

Because whatever I believe or don’t believe, it’s great to have clear guidance

To not have to deal with any irate customers

To not have any responsibility for a few weeks

To embrace simplicity

To appreciate a fluffy big white towel

To follow the yellow arrows

To get lost and find my way back to the path that leads to Santiago

To immerse myself in history and culture

Because I love old architecture

To meet other pilgrims of all ages and backgrounds and nationalities

To make new friends

To blog

To take photos and share my experience with others

To eat fresh juicy fruit

To carry a back pack again and remind myself of how little I need in life to survive

To ponder

To think

To enjoy the peace and tranquility

To stop the noise in my head

To experience the kindness of strangers and get a chance to lend a helping hand

To start a day not knowing where it will end…… and another and another and another

Because I can

To learn the basics of another language

To walk over mountains, cross rivers

To mediate

Because you see a place differently when you walk to it and through it

Because even if you are too hot, or too cold, or your feet hurt, or body feels exhausted and your shoulder and back hurts, you FEEL ALIVE

Because there are days you feel like you can fly

Because you get maxi bons in Portugal and Spain (a biscuit coated ice cream)

To live another life, just for a while

To appreciate the little things of “normal” life, like feet that don’t hurt, washing machines, king size bed, crisp clean smelling linen and clothes

To be part of something that’s huge in time and space

For the excitement of the journey

For the stories

For candles, stained glass and statues

Because of the beautiful cathedrals

To listen to monks chanting

Because I am willing and able

For the arrival in Santiago and this time hopefully to continue to walk to Finisterre (the end of the world)

To have my girls join me for part of the Camino

To have and enjoy the quality time with my girls

To attend a pilgrims mass

Because I choose to walk another Camino

For the memories……

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